prodotti, novita' btt vetro, lavorazione vetro piano, prodotti vetro Glass is an unmistakable material that separates the house indoors from the outside environment, allowing natural light to penetrate indoor rooms and amplify space.
Flat glass can be transformed to provide functional benefits in terms of heat, sound, aesthetics and safety.
Our team of experts is at your disposal to provide solutions that will grant you the maximum natural light, while protecting you from heat, noise and solar rays.

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REDUCE HEATING COSTS Products which reduce heat loss by up to 60%, offering a better room temperature distribution and reducing internal glass condensation. This allows a considerable saving in terms of energy costs and limits atmospheric pollution by reducing CO2 emissions. Planitherm
REDUCE HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING COSTS Products which limit heat loss and drastically reduce (by up to 40%) overheating caused by the sun's rays ("greenhouse effect") without restricting the inlet of sunlight, while enabling the air conditioning system to run more economically. Planitherm Family
NOISE INSULATION Products which improve comfort by ensuring greater insulation against outside noises that compromise our everyday living standards. Window panes are coated with a layer of sound-absorbing pvb which neutralises both noise frequency and diffusion. Stadip Silence
ELIMINATE HAZARDS Products which guarantee personal safety and/or the protection of valuable objects. Safety glass can be tempered or layered, according to its purpose. Tempered glass is heat-treated to increase its strength, making it five times stronger than regular glass. Layered glass is produced by putting together two glass sheets combined with one or more layers of plastic film. In the event of accidental breakage, this film keeps the pane in place: the glass is broken into shards, but these remain attached to the plastic film. Stadip, Stadip Protect
REDUCE WINDOW MAINTENANCE Products which facilitate the removal of dirt build-up found on external window surfaces (caused by rain, dust, pollutant substances, etc.). The double action of UV rays, which decompose dirt and make the glass surface hydrophilic, and water (e.g. rain) which washes over the glass eliminating decomposed residue and mineral dust, makes the windows easy to clean. Bioclean
PROTECTION FROM LIGHT Systems which allow the installation of blinds which can be lifted and adjusted inside double glazing, protecting them from surrounding dust. Screenline
FAÇADE AESTHETICS AND HIGH-STRENGTH Designed primarily to satisfy all kinds of architectural requirements, structural glass is a fitting system that allows glass to be fitted to a metal structure. This technique allows the manufacture of "all glass" fronts. Structural glass fitted with Dow Corning structural silicone sealant