The building industry is subject to continuous standard updates. Our sales team and expert staff are always on hand to offer any clarifications in regard to standards, as well as to propose the best possible solutions for your site in accordance with legal provisions.

rendimento energeticoENERGY EFFICIENCY: in conformity with the provisions of the Kyoto protocol and Italian Legislative Decree 192/05 and subsequent amendments, there are set parameters that must be satisfied by certain materials to restrict greenhouse gas emissions and to improve building energy efficiency. The 2007 budget awards 50% tax deductions, up to a maximum of €60,000, for the replacement of windows and fixtures in existing buildings following the thermal transmittance (U) requirements specified in the table set down by law. Download brochure (in italian)

acusticaNOISE: The DPCM from March 1st 1991 establishes the "Maximum limits of exposure to noise in both indoor and outdoor environments". Urban areas are split into categories according to intended use of premises. Based on this, minimum sound-isolation levels are defined in relation to each intended use. Download brochure (in italian)

sicurezzaSAFETY: the ever-increasing focus on guaranteed safety in each type of environment has led to the creation of standards based on which the exact requisites to be followed have been defined. In relation to glass, such requisites are indicated by Italian Legislative Decree 182/04 and subsequent amendments, which refers to Standard UNI 7697. Download brochure (in italian)